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about-us About Us

We’re on a mission to turn online buyers
into planet- saviors.

At Verdoo, we believe in a world with no more melting
ice caps or endangered species.
With Verdoo, everyone can become a hero.

We’re not a brand nor a service.
We’re a community.

Together, we’ll be able to turn online
shopping into a carbon-neutral experience. With just
one click. Thanks to you, we’re on our
way to planting 1 billion trees by 2023.
Our Goals

The goals we have achieved

  • <span class="sm-heading fw-bold">More than 10 000 <br>trees planted so far</span>
    More than 10 000
    trees planted so far
  • <span class="sm-heading fw-bold">Over 10 000 partnerships<br>with online stores</span>
    Over 10 000 partnerships
    with online stores
  • <span class="sm-heading fw-bold">More than 50 000<br>monthly users</span>
    More than 50 000
    monthly users
Our Story

Steps that led to the creation of Verdoo.

  • 01 Prerequisites

    It was the beginning of a pandemic and everyone was staying home. Lots of people found new hobbies. Reading, cooking, working out at home. These hobbies gave birth to another one: online shopping. After all, if people wanted to read more, they needed new books. Cooking required pots and pans. Pilates and HIIT called for shorts and t-shirts. Confined to their phones, tablets and computers, they started to buy, buy, buy.

  • 02 Idea

    Your friend joins us using the referral code and completes verification. By that time, our founder, Mircea Giurca, was living in Berlin. Once, he went to take out the trash and realized all bins were full. His neighbors had been placing so many orders that everything was filled with cardboard, plastic boxes, packaging, and wrap. He realized that if this was happening in his neighborhood, the same scenario was probably taking place all over the world.

  • 03 Creation of


    Something had to be done. Something that helped people to easily offset their carbon footprint, at no extra cost. Just like that, Verdoo’s seed was planted in Mircea’s mind. It blossomed a year later and it’s now helping people to stop climate change while buying online, at no extra cost.
Our Team
  • Mircea Giurca
    Mircea Giurca
    CEO, Founder
    “We are the first generation to experience the impact of climate change and the last one that can do anything to stop it.“
  • Marian Ciovirta
    Marian Ciovirta
    “I believe technology was created for this: for the greater good! And that’s how I feel every day at Verdoo.”
  • Mihai Cojocaru
    Mihai Cojocaru
    Sustainability Manager
    “It’s an honor to be part of a company that really makes a difference.”
  • Ciprian Caraba
    Ciprian Caraba
    Head of Product
    “Working with a higher purpose makes all the difference.”
  • Iulia Hau
    Iulia Hau
    Head of Social
    “I’m committed to helping Verdoo reach as many people as possible. It’s not about followers and likes, it’s about creating a community that cares for our planet.”
  • Ionut Dragomir
    Ionut Dragomir
    Content Manager
    “Working with a higher purpose makes all the difference.”
  • Stela Cotruta
    Stela Cotruta
    Head of Brand
    “It’s a pleasure to work with a team that cares as much about nature as all humans should!”
  • Diana Mereoiu
    Diana Mereoiu
    Social Media Specialist
    “It’s never been so easy to help the world with just a few clicks. It’s amazing!”
  • Cosmina Vrinceanu
    Cosmina Vrinceanu
    Sustainability Manager
    “Sustainability will literally save the world. We’re here to make it happen - faster.”
  • Martin Sieber
    Martin Sieber
    Co-founder GetYourGuide
  • Marius Negre
    Marius Negre
    Former COO Tripsta
  • Indira Kartallozi
    Indira Kartallozi
    ndependent assessor at University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
  • Benedikt Rudloff
    Benedikt Rudloff
    Business consultant for tech startups