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About Us

Who are we?

We are on a mission to make online shopping a carbon-neutral experience.

Verdoo is the only sustainable shopping assistant that allows online shoppers to easily offset their carbon footprint

at no additional cost while automatically unlocking the best deals and discounts.

Our values

Putting Earth first

We like to start each day with a renewed sense of service to the one & only life-sustaining planet we know.

Optimism Ahead

We believe the future that awaits us is going to be more inclusive, sustainable, and abundant for all.

Make Things That Matter

The work we do finds it purpose when it creates a meaningful, positive and lasting impact.

Consume with Intention

We want everyone to be more aware of the social and environmental impact of the things we consume.

The Power of Many

When people choose to work together towards a shared goal, amazing things happen.

Our team

Mircea Giurca - CEO, Founder

Ciprian Caraba - Head of Product

Stela Cotruta - Head of Brand

Marian Ciovirta - CTO

Iulia Hau - Head of Marketing

Diana Mereoiu - Social Media Specialist

Mihai Cojocaru - Head of Operations

Ionut Dragomir - Content Manager

Cosmina Vrinceanu - Sustainability Manager


Marius Negre - Advisor