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Why Share & Plant

We all need a greener world. And you can help this from the comfort of your home.

  • Shop from trusted merchants
    Shop from trusted merchants
    We partner with only authentic and reliable merchants, whose products and services are tested and certified.
  • Share the best Deals & Offers
    Share the best Deals & Offers
    Enjoy the best deals and offers with your friends and family by following just a few simple steps.

Why should I share my links?
You can simply help in make the Planet a greener place just by sharing a link to someone. And if that's not enough, they even get a discount for the purchase they were going to make anyways. This is even more than a win-win.

Who should I send the links to?
According to our statistics, most of the link users are people who would normally support the green initiatives but they are not involved enough to use a dedicated website or an browser extension for this. Basically, the persons who would be a registered user but for some reasons they are not there yet. 

Should my friends do anything after receiving my link?
No. After they click it, the cookie will do all the work. They should just shop online as they would normally do.

Where can I see the results?
All the trees will be registered under your account and we will all be grateful for that.