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Go the extra mile to help
save the planet.

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Our ambassadors come from all over the world, have a veriety of professions and are aged from 15 to 72 years.
They may be very different, but they have two essential things in common: their passion for our planet and a strong need to take action. If this reasonates with you, don't hesitate to apply and join one of our volunteer programs. There are no limits to what you can do as a Verdoo ambassador.
Univearthsity Ambassador
Invite your schoolmates or your university peers to join our cause.
Plan a donations’ week or a flea market where people can sell what they don’t use and buy secondhand things (instead of purchasing new ones).
Organize a competition between different schools or universities to see who can plant more trees in a given timeframe.
Find an empty outdoor space in your school/university campus and ask if you can plant trees there.
Distribute Verdoo flyers and tell your colleagues how to install our browser extension.
Reach out to educational book publishers and ask them to partner up with Verdoo and with your school, so you can all save money and plant more trees.
Ecotown Ambassador
Make your town more sustainable.
Place Verdoo flyers in your neighbors’ mailboxes.
Write a letter to your parish council full of ideas to improve your town and make it more sustainable. Have your neighbors sign it and send it to the person in charge.
Ask local shops to partner up with Verdoo.
Organize a car-free day.
Ask permission to plant trees at your local garden or park.
Greenfluencer Ambassador
Reach lots of people around the world with your social media pages
Use our social media templates and post them on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or TikTok pages.
Create an IG story talking about Verdoo and tell people how easy it is to plant trees with our browser extension.
Reach out to your favorite online shops and ask them to become Verdoo’s partners.
Remind your followers to buy responsibly.
Think of tips and tricks for making your followers buy fewer clothes and other accessories (e.g. Invite someone to teach your followers how to sew torn clothes, live on Instagram.)
Work-Environment Ambassador
Create an eco-friendly workplace.
Invite a Verdoo representative to speak at your company
Implement new policies to save water and print less paper
Create a small garden in your office and offer to take care of its plants.
Reach out not just to your colleagues but also your customers, clients and partners (if applicable) and tell them about Verdoo extension.
Offer to give your colleagues a ride to and from work and organize a car-sharing system that works for everyone.